Posted by: Affiniti Digital Media | October 10, 2011

Remarketing & Retargeting – how to turn “Lost” customers into real customers

If you use web analytics on your website then you probably know quite a lot about what your visitors do – which pages they favour, how they navigate around the site, which pages they commonly exit from, and indeed the conversion rate of the site as a whole (i.e. the % of visitors that do something valuable e.g. buy something, make an enquiry, sign up to a newsletter, etc).

What about the hidden value – the people who nearly do something valuable but leave instead? What if you could reach them again soon after they leave your site, provide them with some information that then brings them back to your site and gets them to convert? And what if you could do this cheaply? It’s a “no brainer” – of course you’d do it.

This is called Remarketing or Retargeting. We’ve been using this online marketing technique with a client recently where we’ve used technology to track people (using anonymous cookies) who go to the website’s apply page but don’t make an application. We use both simple text adverts and banners to reach these people in real time on other websites soon after they’ve been to the client’s application page. And we’re successfully getting a good proportion of this retargeting audience to come back and apply. And the great thing is that it need not add very much to your monthly budget. So there’s plenty of extra profit to add for not much outlay.

You can set any pages on your website as “trigger” pages – i.e. that will trigger a person to be added to your retargeting audience. And you can choose the duration that people stay within the retargeting audience – so if you believe that it is only worth remarketing to people in the first 10 days then on the 11th day the remarketing automatically stops.

We’d love to demonstrate to you the power of remarketing/retargeting so contact us today.

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