Posted by: Affiniti Digital Media | October 4, 2011

2012: The Year of the Mobile Internet

Since the web took off in the late 90’s we’ve been pretty much tied to our desk or sofa to use it. WAP was an early attempt to give the web mobility but frankly it wasn’t very appealing or usable and that’s probably while it failed to take off. But the rapid rise of the smartphone is giving the web the mobility it’s been craving for years. Ofcom’s recent report “A Nation Addicted to Smartphones”  highlights just how fast things are changing in the UK.

So, does your company’s online/digital strategy reflect these key observations made by Ofcom:

  • Over a quarter of adults and nearly half of all teens now own a smartphone
  • 37 per cent of adults and 60 per cent of teens are ‘highly addicted’ to them
  • Smartphones are beginning to affect social behaviour

Keep in mind the rate of change in the mobile market – every 4 weeks 2.5% of standard feature phone users in the UK are swapping/upgrading to a smart phone! This trend means that by early 2012 smartphones will represent the majority of the installed base of mobiles in the UK, and the long established feature phone could be dead sometime in 2013. This means that within 12 months or so the vast majority of your cutomers will have full access to yours and your competitors’ websites while on the move. Are you ready for this?

Have you built a mobile version of your company website? Have you started to take advantage of localised search (if this is relevant to your business)? Are you capitalising on the mobile-focused advertising options available on the major paid search networks? Do you have a proper social media strategy in relation to your business/brand?

2012 is the year that we’ll feel the full impact of the mobile web so get prepared!

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