Posted by: Affiniti Digital Media | December 16, 2019

Content Strategy: The Use of “Really Long List” articles to deliver an SEO advantage

The internet is swamped with data. And the amount of content is growing exponentially. If your blog content strategy depends on regular postings of a modest amount of average quality content then you may already be feeling pain. The days of a weekly posting of 750 words having any valuable impact are long gone.

Of course, blogs are still highly relevant and have the potential to be extremely popular, but only those using optimal content strategies will achieve significant volumes of traffic. For your blog to be one of these then we’d recommend moving to a new strategy. One that focuses on extremely high-quality content posted as and when it is ready. There is now no need to post regularly. Google will not reward you for regularity, but it will reward you for exceptional and authoritative content.

One way to create such content is to look in your product or service sector and produce a so-called “really long list” article. Key features of such an article would include:

  • Style: of the type “121 Things To Do”, “101 Ways to”, etc
  • Length: likely to be several thousand words
  • Links: outbound to authoritative websites and internally to relevant pages on your site/blog
  • Well structured: clustered information incorporating quality images to visually break up a large amount of written content
  • Highly navigable: use of jump links

Remember, Google will reward truly high-quality content. Your aim is to create something that would be considered authoritative in your product/service sector – content that others might use in the future as a definitive source for their own work. It pays to take your time when creating such content. It needs to of the highest quality. Once it has been created you will need to outreach it to build a head of steam and to get the content picked up by other sites. If it is not of sufficient quality your outreach will achieve nothing!

We recently produced such an article for a personal finance client: Ultimate 101 Point Guide to Improve Your Credit Rating & Maximise Your Loan Acceptance.


An example of a “Really Long List” blog article

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