Posted by: Affiniti Digital Media | August 17, 2018

Talented SEO Specialist? Then join our SEO Partnership Programme. Earn £000s

We’ve launched a game-changing programme to encourage highly talented SEO professionals (individuals and businesses) to help us launch, develop and promote a new range of personal finance websites in the UK.

Our SEO Partner programme aims to share the benefits of the work you put into growing the site – no longer a limited rate per day but a proper revenue share based on the results you actually achieve!


This is a chance to get in at the start of freshly designed websites and to commit your time and your talent towards building new personal finance brands in the large and lucrative UK personal finance market.

This is an important business activity for Affiniti so the choice of our partners will involve a detailed process of selection. We’re expecting a lot of interest so if you want to know more the details are here. There’s no deadline – we will launch a number of websites, but only when we have the correct SEO resource in place. So, if you’re the right partner then get in touch. May be we can be working together soon.

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