Posted by: Affiniti Digital Media | November 30, 2011

New BBC Home page goes live

A few weeks ago I wrote about the BBC’s new web site home page (in beta form) and why they felt the need to revamp it. Today they have set the new home page live. Already I am frustrated! As described in my earlier article it is no longer possible to tailor the home page and to organise it to suit your preferences. So my beloved BBC Business section is no longer accessible directly from the home page. It’s now 2 clicks away rather than being a summary window on the old home page. The other immediate frustration is that while the new home page was built with other platforms in mind (e.g. tablets) the swipe function on my iPad does not let me scroll the top windows left/right as the layout suggests it should.

Final gripe – two months since the beta test started it doesn’t look like many of the comments people have made have been built into the final live version. I predict the BBC’s Alexa rank will fall from the current no.45 pretty quickly. Those of us who don’t simply want to access the “lighterweight” elements of the BBC content and want the “more serious” stuff are likely to wander off elsewhere. I could be wrong of course, in which case I’ll eat my blog…

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