Posted by: Affiniti Digital Media | October 31, 2011

SEO – Create powerful relevant back links automatically via Affiliates

You’ll have read about how links to your site (from relevant websites) are “votes” for your site that help to boost its organic search ranking. This off-page SEO technique is very important and you should be doing it every day. But it is a tough and time consuming task. So, it would be great if there were a link building strategy where other sites were biting your hand off to get links to you site. And those links also brought you real traffic that generated revenue at your site. It sounds too good to be true, but it isn’t. All you need is an independently set-up and managed affiliate programme.

The key to this is that it needs to be an independently managed programme – one which Affiniti can set up for you. If you run a programme on any of the usual affiliate networks (e.g. Affiliate Window, Webgains, etc) the links they provide to your site do not transfer the “link juice” to you. They keep the juice and transfer the visitor to your site. So you’ll get revenue from the visitor (hopefully) but not the SEO benefit.

So how can Affiniti help you boost your SEO rankings AND boost your business revenue:

  • We build your affiliate marketing presence – we tailor the software that manages the programme to give it the right look & feel, and set it up on the server in the correct fashion.
  • You manage the day-to-day running of the campaign, the promotion of the programme, the management of affiliate relationships and the payment of commissions, etc.
  • The links the system issues to affiliates are logged by Google/Bing and gradually your site’s ranking will improve (you can control whether you approve new affiliates or make acceptance automatic)

We set up a campaign for a client recently and we saw improved organic rankings and a doubling of organic traffic within 2 months. Organic traffic is continuing to grow month by month as the number of links increases. So whether you are looking to boost your SEO rankings or looking to boost your sales via affiliates you should consider running an affiliate programme independently. You could kill two birds with one stone. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

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