Posted by: Affiniti Digital Media | September 29, 2011

Google AdWords – best practice raises effectiveness and slashes cost for Solution Loans

Personal finance is a highly competitive field and getting more for less from an advertising budget is vital. So when Solution Loans came to us to get help with their Google AdWords campaign we knew we had a challenge. But challenges make you think creatively which is exactly what we did. In this case it made sense to completely rebuild their Google AdWords advertising from the bottom up using best practice Google AdWords techniques.

We examined the original campaign to extract as much learning as we could (e.g. actual search terms people were using to get the Solution Loans website). We also knew which terms and which ads were the most effective at driving conversions. We added new keywords and keyword phrases to the list that looked relevant to the products that Solution Loans deals. We structured the campaigns to focus on driving up quality scores and click-through rates. Target cost per conversion rates were set and everything is now about driving up volumes of conversions while staying within the cost per conversion targets.

So, how have things gone? By effectively weeding out  from the old campaign cost that was not generating conversions and driving up the quality of the advertising (so that Google will promote the adverts more agressively for a similar budget) we have succeeded in creating a virtuous circle – we’ve improved the click-through rate from adverts by a factor of 2, raised the conversion rate at the Solution Loans website by a factor of 1.5 and reduced the cost per conversion by 20% (this is in spite of now being able to bid more to drive greater volumes of traffic to the website).

We’re pretty chuffed about this as are Solution Loans! If you feel your Google AdWords campaign is not generating the returns you need or if the campaigns have stagnated then we’d like to help you. Drop us a line and tell us more about your situation.

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