Posted by: Affiniti Digital Media | September 7, 2011

Browser Wars and the decline of Internet Explorer

We’ve been delving into our web analytics data and we thought we’d share with you a few juicy nuggets about UK browser market shares! It’s hard to believe now but way back in 2005 Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (version 6 in this case) had 95% of the browser market – in other words 95% or people used IE as their “preferred” browser. The remaining 5% was mostly Firefox.

Firefox then kicked up a gear and by mid 2008 it held 12% of the market. There were rumblings from other browsers too, most notably Apple’s Safari. By the middle of 2009 IE (v 7 & 8) was struggling against an onslaught by Firefox, Safari and then Chrome from Google. By the end of 2009 IE was down to “only” 75% share.

2010 saw IE lose a further 20% share thanks mainly to Chrome and Safari. And where are we as at the end of August 2011? Firefox has stalled at around 13% share, Chrome’s growth has slowed and is now at 18% share and Safari, if anything, has gathered pace and stands at 24% share. This leaves IE with a “paltry” 40% share.

And where will IE stand in 12 month’s time – well, if current trends continue it will be in 2nd place behind Safari by the time London hosts the 2012 Olympics. Now, who’d have predicted that in 2005?

Source: Affiniti Digital Media’s web analytics data.

Note: If you want to identify website performance improvements through the use of web analytics data then contact us.

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