Posted by: Affiniti Digital Media | September 7, 2011

Affiniti Launches Huge Paid Search Campaign for QuickSilver

Affiniti has just launched a massive paid search campaign for QuickSilver – a big name in the personal finance arena. The campaign has been launched across multiple paid search networks simultaneously – Google AdWords, Yahoo Search Marketing & Microsoft AdCenter.

Given the nature of the market in which QuickSilver operates the challenge has been to identify keyphrases that are likely to be profitable and drive sufficient volume. The campaign was built from scratch using multiple data sources and then combined into a single coherent entity. The campaign utilises paid search best practice and in particular that of Google AdWords.

Affiniti will now manage QuickSilver’s paid search campaign and aim to optimise it fully over the coming weeks and months.

If your business would benefit from a highly competitive paid search campaign like this then get in touch with us.

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